The Florida Green Building Coalition, the state’s leading certifier of green residential and commercial construction, land developments and local governments, has certified the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority building at the Platinum level.

Located at 1100 Kennedy Drive, the 21,371-square-foot commercial building attained a score of 220, ranking it as the highest scoring commercial project in 2021. Platinum meets or surpasses the highest level of FGBC green standards.

“Congratulations to the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority and the FGBC Green Team,” noted FGBC President Ralph Locke. “Achieving FGBC Platinum certification for their new headquarters building is a concrete indicator of a commitment to significantly reduce the impact on the environment by modifying the way we build, operate and maintain commercial buildings.”

The designated professional was Dr. Jennifer Languell of Trifecta Construction Solutions in Fort Myers. Nate Ritter, Director of Sustainability at GreenBuilt Solutions, LLC, Orlando, was the evaluator.

FGBC “Florida Green” standards take a scientific approach and developed with state-specific criteria. Unlike national and international certifications, such as USGBC-LEED and Green Globes, they address Florida’s hot-humid environment, distinctive topography, unique geology, resiliency, and natural disasters.

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority is the water service provider for Monroe County, supplying potable water to all residents while providing reclaimed water and wastewater services in select areas.