MONROE COUNTY — The Monroe County Fire Marshal’s Office is offering free fire and life safety inspections for commercial properties in unincorporated Monroe County until Oct. 1.

The inspections include fire alarm and monitoring systems, exit signage, fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, fire pumps and fire suppression systems, among other things. Some businesses, like vacation rentals and daycares, require these annual inspections for licensure. Starting on Oct. 1, all commercial businesses in unincorporated Monroe will require an annual inspection. There are currently no fees associated with these inspections; however, after Oct. 1, fees will be charged. Once the inspection is completed, property owners will be provided with information to correct any fire hazards, if necessary.

Inspections and pre-fire planning are part of the county’s fire prevention program focused on the welfare and safety of the public while minimizing potential fire and life safety hazards.

“These inspections are necessary for the safety of the individuals and patrons of the inspected building to ensure preventable incidents may be averted,” said Monroe County Chief Fire Marshal RL Colina. “Our goal is to enhance the safety of commercial occupancies for the owners, visitors, and residents in Monroe County.”

To schedule a commercial property inspection in unincorporated Monroe, call 305-289-6020. Inspection information and the upcoming fee schedule can be found at