The Salvation Army this week announced an expansion of services throughout the Florida Keys.

The Salvation Army has had an established office in Key West for many years; however, it are now offering social services to the Middle and Upper Keys. Currently, funding is available for utilities assistance and various other emergency needs.

In addition, the Salvation Army has an initiative called Pathway of Hope that will be offered to a small number of families throughout the Keys who qualify and are willing to enter and commit to a long-term action plan designed to break the cycle of crisis and enable a path out of inter-generational poverty.

Potential candidates for the Pathway of Hope initiative will be a family with responsibility for at least one child under the age of 18. This may be a single-parent home, two-parent home, grandparent(s) raising grandchildren, parents expecting to be reunited with a child or children in foster care, or an extended family including a minor child or children.

Approximately one in six Americans live in poverty. The pandemic has created higher unemployment rates and life-changing situations, putting more and more families in financial, physical, emotional and spiritual crises.

For more information about assistance in Monroe County, call 813-892-3342 or email