Today in Keys History Nov. 19

On this date in 1924, the cornerstone of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church was laid.

1855: William Hackley recorded in his diary: Woke at 4 but so much rain has fallen that it is too wet to walk so I lay until broad daylight and bathed. At 8 a.m. barometer 29.47, thermometer 80, wind northeast 3, clouds 4. Read Law magazine.

1895: The Key West sponge schooner Shamrock sunk off St. Marin’s Key and six of the 14-man crew were lost.

1896: May Johnson recorded in her diary: Bright Thur. Nov. 19, 1896 I arose at 7:45, dressed, did work, had breakfast, went to school, came home, had dinner, dressed, went to Mrs. M. Curry’s, said could have piano, went to drill to Corinne’s to Mr. Ferguson to see about having piano moved, went to Mamie’s, to Angelique’s reception, then Bernice and I went to Bob’s picnic down on Louie’s Wharf, came home 10:40, to bed. PLEASANT

1924: The cornerstone of the new St. Peter’s Episcopal church was laid by The Rev. Cameron Mann, bishop of Episcopal Diocese of South Florida.

1952: Monroe County became the owner of the Key West International Airport when the deed of sale was filed. The county paid $150,000 to Key West Improvement Inc. for the property. The deed had a restriction that should the property ever be used for anything other than a public airport, the property would revert to Key West Improvement.

1957: Louis M.J. Eisner and Charles Parra won seats on the city commission in the run-off election.

1985: Key West native Stepin Fetchit, pioneering Black actor, died in Hollywood. He was born in Key West as Lincoln Perry.

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