Today in Keys History Nov. 20

On this date in 1951, Teddy, the sight-seeing bus dog, died.

1855: William Hackley recorded in his diary: Rose at 4:30 and walked on the beach. Returned home and bathed. At 8 a.m. barometer 29.47.5, thermometer 80, wind northeast 3, clouds 5. Several soldiers were put in jail by the magistrates for rioting, they threatened to burn the town down. A large patrol was sent out. Read the Law magazine.

1896: May Johnson recorded in her diary: Bright Fri. Nov. 20, 1896 I arose at 7:20, dressed, did work, had breakfast, went to school, came home, had dinner, dressed, went to Litany, to Corinne’s, to P.O., to C.’s, to Mrs. Sewell’s, to Aunt Flodie’s, to Teachers’ Meeting, to Aunt Lolla’s, to Corinne’s, to La Brisa, much dance, came home 11:30, bed. DEAD TIRED The piano came up today, did Jenny one, ha ha.

1951: Teddy, the nationally known, 15-year-old dog that rode on top of Ramon Navarro’s sight-seeing bus, died. He had been featured in countless magazines and newspaper articles.

1963: A U-2 spy plane crashed into the sea west of Smith Shoals Lighthouse. Presumably, the plane was returning from a mission over Cuba. Air Force pilot Lt. Joe G. Hyde was killed in the accident.

1966: Vice President Hubert Humphrey and his wife, Muriel, arrived at the Key West Naval Station for a period of rest and relaxation.

1973: In the run-off city election, Bruce Esquinaldo was elected to the city commission.

1979: Charles “Sonny” McCoy was elected mayor of Key West for fifth term and the first mayor to serve 10 years. Richard Heyman was elected to the city commission.

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