Today in Keys History Oct. 16

An aerial of Florida Keys Hospital, which opened on this date in 1971. The photo was taken by the federal government on Oct. 7, 1987.

1855: William Hackley recorded in his diary: Got underway about 6 and beat up inside of Key Vacas and came to anchor inside of Old Matacumbe about 5 p.m. and went on shore with guns. Senac killed 5 marlin snips. I had my rifle to try her at a mark.

1896: May Johnson recorded in her diary: Rainy, Fri. Oct. 16, 1896. I arose at 7:15, dressed, did work, had breakfast, went to school, came home, had dinner, dressed, went down for Myra, we went to Church, to G. Wharf, Mamie with us. Dr. Nobo was down there, came over wherever we were, from there went to Myra’s, to Aunt Flodie’s, for Laura, went to Teachers’ Meeting, Dr. Kemp was there, gave us a long exam, from there Charlie and I went to dance at La Brisa, big crowd, had lots of fun, danced every dance, Miguel was out there for first time since his girl died, he has his mustache shaved and look like the Catholic priest. Came home to be 11:30. VERY PLEASANT. Dr. Nobo sat where he watched me the whole evening. Don’t like that one bit.

1905: The Island City Bank opened its doors in the Tropical Building and Investment Company’s building until its new building was completed.

1923: A special bond election overwhelming approved the funds to build a highway to the mainland.

1954: Cleveland Niles died at 65. He served for many years as Chief of Police for Key West and was Monroe County Sheriff for six years.

1968: Hurricane Gladys passed about 90 miles west of Key West, causing little damage with the 40 to 55 mph winds recorded by the weather bureau.

1971: The Florida Keys Memorial Hospital opened for medical service at 7 a.m., replacing the old Monroe General that closed.

1983: Zayre’s Department Store in Key Plaza held its grand opening.

1991: Tropical Storm Fabian brushed the Keys with rain and wind.

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