Today in Keys History oct 19

Captain Steven Bravo of the steamer City of Key West with the tarpon caught in April 1901 he said weighted 240 pounds. An article from The Florida Times Union dated April 12, 1901 reported the the fish caught by N.M. George fishing in the Bahia Honda channel weighed 213 pounds and measured 7 feet 2 inches and given to Captain Bravo to take to Miami for mounting. From the Monroe County Library Collection.

1855: William Hackley recorded in his diary: Went on shore about 6. Daniel Davis and I to the same ponds down the plain while Felix Senac and William Hinson were to go in where we were yesterday and strake the ponds nearest the beach. I felt well and free from soreness except my heels which are a little tender. Found the ducks scarce and I killed four teals, Davis 2. When we got to the beach and found Hinson who had killed a number of birds with shot from my rifle, he says that she shoots finely. Senac killed ten ducks. We got on board about 11:30 a.m. and got underway for home nearly calm but a squall rising drove us over near to Knight’s Key before dark. About seven anchored about three miles from Knight Key in the bay.

1876: A hurricane of minor intensity hit Key West with winds of 75 mph, causing slight damage to roofs and trees.

1896: May Johnson recorded in her diary: Bright, Mon. Oct. 19, 1896. I arose at 7:10, dressed, did work, had breakfast, got ready, went to school, came home, had dinner, did dishes, dressed, went down to Fannie’s, Charles had something up his nose, Dr. Sweeting was passing, called him, such a time. Myra and I went to La Brisa, Dr. Nobo came over as soon as he saw us, treated us to milk and crackers, Capt. Bravo came over, Dr. left, then Mr. Fritot and Reiner came over, we had quite a pleasant talking time, came down in the car with us, I went to Myra’s, to Uncle Jerry’s, to Mrs. Sewell’s, to Myra’s, had tea there, we went to Jew’s, back to Myra’s, then she walked to Rigell’s with me, met Capt. Bravo, he and I walked home with Myra, he brought me home in carriage, introduced him to Mama, he left, I sat talking awhile, came to bed. OUT OF SIGHT.

1901: City officials were looking for a new cemetery site. The cemetery was crowded and there is not much room left. The old cemetery was in the heart of town and the new one would need to be removed some distance from town for sanitary reasons.

1927: To fulfill its contract with the U.S. Post Office, Pan American Airlines hired pilot Cy Caldwell to fly a singled-engine seaplane from Key West to Havana. He left Key West at 8:04 a.m. carrying seven sacks of mail, containing about 30,000 letters. He landed in Havana 62 minutes later and saved the aioli,ne which could not begin regular service with its own planes until Oct. 28.

1942: The new NU.S. aval Hospital on South Roosevelt was commissioned, and Capt. Jessie W. Allen (MC) USN assumed duties as the first commanding officer.

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