Today in Keys History Oct. 30

The Pierce Brothers Hardware store at Fleming and Elizabeth streets can be seen during a cleanup campaign in 1927.

1855: William Hackley recorded in his diary: Rose about 4 and went down to the wharf and got my things on board of the Cutter and got off about 7 a.m. John P. Baldwin, C. Johnson and self for Cape Sable. Nearly calm but as soon as we drifted outside the Fort got some wind and beat up to Loggerhead Key where we anchored about dark.

1896: May Johnson recorded in her diary: Bright, little rain, Fri. Oct. 30, 1896. I arose at 7 o’clock, dressed did work, had breakfast, went to school, came home, had dinner, dressed, went to Litany, to store weighed 127 lbs., to G. Wharf, to Mrs. Sewell’s, to Aunt Lolla’s, to Aunt Flodie’s, took tea there, went to Teachers’ Meeting, to Butterfly Social, to Aunt Lolla’s, to Uncle Jerry’s store, waited for Charlie, we took carriage, went to La Brisa, much dance, came home to bed 12 o’clock. FINE.

1899: The cigar makers formed a union composed of both Americans and Cubans. Even though the Cubans are in the majority, there will be two sets of officers and they will alternately be in charge of the weekly meetings. To avoid strikes, a committee of one Cuban and one American in each factory will be chosen to report complaints whenever they are made. They will report to the general committee, which will decide, and their decision will be final.

1900: The people of Key West raised more than $1,200 for victims of the Galveston hurricane. The disbanded cigar-maker’s union voted to give the $375.75 remaining in the treasury to the cause.

1923: The Pierce Brothers Hardware Company was located at the corner of Fleming and Elizabeth streets. They carried building materials, tools, sporting goods, bicycles and automobile accessors.

1923: Ralph B. Pinder was Key West Fire Chief, with headquarters at City Hall on Greene Street. Capt. W.H. Turner was in charge of Station No. 3 at the corner of Grinnell and Virginia streets.

1946: Fred J. Dion resigned as city tax assessor and recommended to the city manager that office be merged with the county office.

1950: A Key West Public Library Association was formed when representatives of civic organizations met at the courthouse to formulate plans for an adequate public library.

1954: Hal Wallis and Danny Mann, producer and director of the movie based on Tennessee Williams’ play “The Rose Tattoo,” were at the Casa Marina Hotel screening locals for parts in the movie.

1955: Monroe County Mayor Gerald Saunders cut the ribbon on the Stock Island Speedway and joined the more than 650 spectators to watch the first races with 17 local drivers and 19 from the Miami area.

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