Today in Keys History

Wickers Stadium was dedicated on this date in 1951.

1821: Excerpt for the Logbook of the U.S. Schooner Shark LCDR M.C. Perry commanding: Fine pleasant Trade Winds. Being now in the Lat. where none but moderate and pleasant breezes prevail, I intend to take advantage of the opportunity to exercise my men at the Small Arms firing at a Target, etc.; on experiment I find them rather awkward with a musket or Pistol but I am in hopes they will become more expert. Lat. 26.44 Long. [not given]. On the Sick List 6.

1856: William Hackley recorded in his diary: Rose at 4:30 and walked to the Barracks and then by the Fort. and back by Porter’s Spring and home. Saw a teal in the Lighthouse Pond that allowed me to pass within 20 yards without flying. At 8:30 a.m. barometer 29.50, thermometer 84, wind east southeast 2, clouds 4. Wrote to Editor of Musical World for missing papers. Wrote on the Libel vs. The ship Don Juan and drew up a claim for bounty lands for William B. Randolph.

1900: A meeting was held to organize a board of trade. Dr. J.B. Maloney was elected temporary secretary and a committee, composed of Mayor George Bartlum, George W. Reynolds and W. Hunt Harris, was appointed to call on businessmen and urge them to cooperate.

1934: The Key West Historical Society was formed at an organizationally meeting at the Key West Library. The officers named were: Judge Jefferson B. Browne, president; M.E. Gilford, vice-president; H.T. Hunt Jr., recording secretary; Mrs. S. W. Douglas, treasurer and Mrs. Wallace B. Kirk, temporary historian.

1936: The wrecking tug Warbler from Key West floated the Norwegian steamship Jacob Christensen, which had been aground for two days on Pacific Reef.

1948: A Category 3 hurricane passed over Boca Chica Naval Air Station, where a barometer reading of 28.45 and sustained winds of 122 mph were recorded. The storm caused only minor damage in Key West.

1951: Mayor Louis M.J. Eisner dedicated the new Wickers Stadium before a crowd estimated at 3,000. The Miami Sun Sox and Havana Cubans played the first baseball game in the stadium.

1999: High winds from Tropical Storm Harvey caused Monroe County schools to close for the day.