Today in Keys History

After 74 years as a public school, Harris School closed in 1982.

1856: William Hackley recorded in his diary: Woke at 4 but having been kept awake a good deal by Lucia who had a high fever with chicken pox went to sleep again and rose at 5 and bathed. At 8 a.m. barometer 29.50, thermometer 85, wind southwest 2, clouds 10. A nice rain fell in the night and drizzling all morning. Last evening got my desk and couch in my office and sent the old one up to the house for Matilda. Bought a quantity of worked goods and piece of linen at auction. They came from Nassau and were wrecked some weeks ago. Judge Marvin gave his decree in the case of the ship Diadem. He said that he though $12,000.00 would be a fair salvage in the case but as the wreckers were to blame in not carrying out chains instead of the ship’s hawser which parted five time and in other respects he thought that they had not worked as they should he cut them in half and gave them $6,000.00. Wrote to John Smith and sent to him the subpoena in his divorce case to have served. Wrote to Byrd and sent to Lucy a jar of tamarinds and one of lemons.

1911: Miss Lovie Turner resigned as principal of the public school, Russell Hall, located at the corner of Division and White streets. She had been a teacher and principal in the Monroe County School System for 31 years.

1937: The Florida Keys Aqueduct Commission was created by the Florida State Legislature and was signed into law by Gov. Frederick P. Cone. The members of the Board of Commissioners were William Daughtry, William M. Arnold and Earl R. Adams.

1949: Dr. Nilo C. Pintado died in Miami at 62. He had practiced medicine in Key West for 33 years before he moved to Miami in 1946 to head the Cuban government’s quarantine service in that city.

1955: In a gun battle at a pool hall at the corner of Whitehead and Petronia streets, police fatally wounded a shrimper. Police officers Henry Roberts and Howard Harris were wounded during the battle. Officer Harris was hospitalized with wounds in the stomach, shoulder and hand. Officer Roberts received a flesh wound in the thigh.

1959: The Key West High School baseball team won the Class A State High School championship with a 3-2 victory over Milton High.

1982: Harris School on Southard Street closed after 74 years as a public school.

1992: The Turtle Hospital in Marathon was dedicated.