Today in Keys History

The U.S. Navy dismantled numerous radio towers in 1981.

1821: Excerpt for the logbook of the U.S. Schooner Shark, LCDR M.C. Perry commanding: Light Northeasterly Winds, Sounding every 2 hours, exercised the Crew at Quarters, Bent Cables and got the Anchors Clear. At 9 a.m. Sprang the Fore Top Mast, found the spar very defective.

1856: William Hackley recorded in his diary: Raining at 4 so I could not walk. Bathed. At 8 a.m. barometer 29.58, thermometer 85, wind east southeast 1, clouds 7. The steamer Isabel came in about 10 last night. I got a circular from the Solicitor of the Treasury and Matilda one from R. Copeland. Mrs. Clark is very sick but it is not certain that it is yellow fever. Two men at Plichers are better. Charles Howe’s boy is sick. Answered the circular from the Solicitor of the Treasury and read papers.

1890: Thomas Ash, who was in charge of construction of the new County Courthouse, was elected city surveyor by the city commission.

1898: Coal Passer Walter G. Monroe, USS San Francisco, died of meningitis in the Army Hospital at the Convent.

1925: Gov. John W. Martin named Ileen Williams as the county’s first Juvenile Judge.

1965: Capt. Stephen Rush relieved Capt. John Kane as Commander Destroyer Division 601.

1981: The U.S. Navy was dismantling the large radio tower that had stood on the Naval Station since the early part of the century.

1982: Two men who doused a passenger and the cabin of an Air Florida bound for Key West with gasoline and brandished cigarette lighters hijacked the plane to Cuba.

1985: Jeanette T. Cooper of Key West was installed as the first woman president of the Southeastern Fisheries Association.

1990: The movie “Crisscross” was being filmed in Key West.

1997: Ground was broken for the Key West Historic Memorial Sculpture Garden at Mallory Square.