Today in Keys History Jan. 21

On this date in 1912, the Cuban Gunboat Hatuey arrived in port.

1856: William Hackley recorded in his diary. Rose at 5:30 having been awake since 4 and walked on South Beach, returned home and bathed. At 9:15 a.m. barometer 29.57, thermometer 69, wind northwest 3, clouds 6. John Smith brought me a hat and would charge nothing, he says that when he thinks I have been paid for my services he will let me pay for what he gets me. Bought a barrel of apples for $4.62. The steamer Isabel got in about 5 p.m. got a letter from Mother and papers.

1871: The Cuban refugee community dedicated the San Carlos Hall. The hall was a meeting place to discuss political matters, for education of the children and for entertainment.

1880: Former President Ulysses S. Grant visited Key West and was guest of honor at a dinner at the Jefferson Hotel.

1897: May Johnson recorded in her diary: I arose 7:20, dressed, did work, had breakfast, went to school, came home, had dinner, laid down, got up, dressed, went to La Brisa most the evening, then came home 10 o’clock, to bed.

1912: Florida East Coast Railroad Engine 201 arrived in Key West at 2:45 a.m. This was the first engine and crew to cross the Bahia Honda bridge and test the tracks in the Lower Keys. The train was in the charge of Engineers J.F. Norton and Edward Goehring, Conductor Mike Scanlon, Pilot William Nichols and Fireman Jack Basskopp.

1912: The USS Washington and the USS North Carolina, ships of the Fifth Division of the North Atlantic Fleet, arrived for the first train celebration. The USS Birmingham arrived on Jan. 22.

1912: The Cuban Gunboat Hatuey arrived with the personal representative of President Gomez, Col. Jose Marti, son of the famous patriot.

1954: The City of Havana, the new auto ferry to Cuba, made its first run to Havana carrying passengers only. The ship was limited to passengers until its new dock on Stock Island was completed.

1987: Benildes Remond Sanchez celebrated 50 years of teaching in Key West. She came from Cuba in 1937 to teach Spanish at the San Carlos.

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