Today in Keys History

Floy Thompson, pictured with artist Henry Faulkner, died on this date in 1994.

1856: William Hackley recorded in his diary: Rose at 4 and went to the market, returned home and bathed. At 7:40 a.m. barometer 29.53.5, thermometer 85.5, west east southeast 3, clouds 7. Read papers. P.m. sesta. Walked to the lot.

1888: Col. Henry A. Crane died at 75. He was born in New Jersey and came to Florida and fought in the Seminole War. During the Civil War he was first in the Union Navy and later in the Army. After the war, he settled in Key West and published the newspaper The Key of the Gulf. He also served as Clerk of Court for Monroe County and represented the county in the Florida House and Senate.

1967: Baseball great Ted Williams won the five-day Islamorada Gold Cup Tarpon Tournament as the grand champion.

1972: Hurricane Agnes, a Category 1 storm, passed to the west of Key West spawning several tornadoes. The worst damage was on Big Coppitt, where trailers homes were destroyed and others suffered serious damage. A tornado also hit Key West knocking the large home at 615 Elizabeth St. off its foundation.

1979: Dr. William Seeker was named president of the Florida Keys Community College.

1994: Floy V. Thompson, patron of the arts and scholars and for many years the “Grand Dame of Key West,” died at 85.