Today in Keys History Jan. 20

On this date in 1912, Collier’s Weekly featured the opening of the Overseas Railroad.

1856: William Hackley recorded in his diary: Rained very hard during the night accompanied with thunder and lightning, the roads were so wet that I did not go to walk. Rose about 6 and bathed. At 9 a.m. barometer 29.36, thermometer 73.1, wind southwest 3, clouds 5. Read Household Words. Wind came out of the northwest about 4 p.m. but moderate. The steamer Vanderbilt came in about 4:30.

1897: May Johnson recorded in her diary: I arose 7:30, dressed, went to school, came home, had dinner, wrote to Nellie, dressed, Lena and I went to Mr. Alvarez’s office, then I went to Curry’s store, to Mrs. Sewell’s, to Laura’s, she and I went to walk, had a much talk over all matters and fixed up things straight, went to Mrs. Sewell’s, had tea, Dot. behaved like the dickens, so her Papa whipped her with the razor strap, Mr. [illegible] and I were [illegible], played cards, he came home with me, we had to get off and walk from old station switch home, some matter with the cars. KICKING

1912: Collier’s Weekly magazine’s cover story was the “Opening of the Overseas Railroad to Key West.”

1912: Mulhall’s Wild West Show gave a performance at Trumbo. Col. Mulhall’s show had appeared in all the major cities of the country and the tent was one of the largest every used in Key West.

1935: Official notice was received in Key West of the transfer of Fort Jefferson to the National Park Service from the U.S. Navy Department.

1958: A ground-breaking ceremony was held for the Robert Gabriel housing project.

1959: A small fleet was on the way from Texas to drill an offshore oil test well near Key West. The State Cabinet of Conservation issued a permit to the Gulf Oil Corporation to drill a test well to 15,000 feet.

1970: Earl Duncan’s Dodge City, on North Roosevelt, changed its name to Duncan’s Ford, Lincoln and Mercury.

1979: Carl Bervaldi, who had been county commissioner for 20 years, died at 85 at Florida Keys Memorial Hospital.

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