Today in Keys History

The Lopez Funeral Home was located at 413 Bahama St. in 1923.

1821: Excerpt from the Logbook of the U.S. Schooner Shark LCDR M.C. Perry commanding: Light variable winds with intervals of Calm Weather. Lat. 10.30 Long. 19.06. On the Sick List 6. Expenditure of Water 82 Gallons, Remains on board 4496 Gallons. Exp. Provisions. 156 lbs. Bread. 1 Gal. Rice, 1 Gal. Vinegar, 4 Gall. Whiskey.

1856: William Hackley recorded in his diary: Rose at 4:20 and walked on the beach, returned home and bathed. At 8 a.m. barometer 29.46, thermometer 83.5, wind east northeast 1, clouds 6 with squall clouds. Read papers. Bought a Gutta Percha cane of L.M. Shaffer for $2.75.

1923: Benjamin Lopez, funeral director, undertaker and embalmer, was located at 413 Bahama St.

1975: The ceremonial planting of the first tree as part of the Downtown 76 restoration project took place in the 600 block of Duval Street.

1985: The Key West Post Office moved from the Federal Building on Simonton Street to the new Key West Post Office on Whitehead Street. The move had been delayed since March in a dispute with the city over sewer impact fees.

1986: Mrs. Margo Golen, 70, philanthropist and civic leader died. She was co-owner and executive vice-president and chairman of the board of Holiday Inn of Key West. She had served on the Florida Keys Hospital board, the Monroe County Public Library board, the Key West Chamber of Commerce and the Tourist Development Council.

1993: Henry “Hank” Kokenzie Sr., who had devoted his life to helping veterans, died at 75. He was director of Veteran’s Affairs for Monroe County for 17 years.

1995: Larry C. Bowers was named Editor of the Key West Citizen.

1999: Hurricane Irene brushed the Keys with heavy rains, which caused street flooding and power outages.