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Members of the Tampa (Florida) Rough Riders on Friday make their annual donation of teddy bears to the children of Wesley House Family Services on Truman Avenue. The organization, which celebrates the history of Teddy Roosevelt’s actions during the Spanish-American War, gathers and then donates more than 17,000 bears to veterans, hospitals, abuse shelters and the family court system. In addition to the 90 teddy bears brought to Key West this year, the proud organization, which has been working with Wesley House for the past 20 years, handed over a donation check for $500.

Key West Wildlife Executive Director Tom Sweets removes monofilament line from an injured pelican Wednesday at the Reach Resort on Simonton Street. Sandra Duffy, of Four Marlins Restaurant at the resort, noticed the bird in distress and immediately called the center, which is located at White Street and Atlantic Boulevard. A nearby family at the restaurant witnessed the rescue and was inspired to make a donation to the non-profit organization. Residents and visitors are reminded to avoid allowing unused fishing line to go into the ocean, as fish and turtles can also be adversely affected.

Beekeeper Jim Hale removes a hive of bees Tuesday afternoon from behind an electrical box on Fogarty Street. The critically important insects are transferred to bee boxes where they continue to pollinate the flora throughout the island.

Demolition crews prepare Tuesday to take down the remainder of the Monroe County Senior Center, next to the Harvey Government Center on Truman Avenue. The project to replace the center has been put on hold, as the Monroe County government has cut back on capital projects because of a decrease in sales tax revenue this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The design of a new facility may take place in 2021. However, plans could change with the City of Key West and the county partnering on the Poinciana Gardens Senior Center.

Genie, a rhinoceros iguana, makes a move for some vegetables in her habitat at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm on Stock Island last week. Raised from an egg, the original owner donated the 20-pound reptile to the farm last year. Native to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the 21-year-old lizard is considered an endangered species.