ISLAMORADA — An independent, woman-owned business has expanded its footprint and botanical goods at the Village Square at the Trading Post.

A winding gravel path through tropical foliage leads to boo kee sue BOTANICS, three adjoining outdoor boutiques expertly curated by owner Sue Wright.

The shop’s expansion comes after five years, the product of Wright being inspired to offer bohemian chic décor, and having a green thumb and a keen eye for details.

“I’ve had success in having people like what I like,” she said.

There’s nothing plastic for sale aside from the fair trade up-cycled outdoor rugs Wright has sourced from Thailand — a deliberate choice.

“I actually met the woman,” she said. “She makes something beautiful from all the garbage we create in the world.”

In each entryway hangs potted pothos and monstera plants in macramé wrapped bowls. The plant choices are another calculated decision by Wright.

“I sell the easiest plants to take care of. I am a lazy gardener,” she said, yet, on her hip, she wears holstered pruning shears.

“I like to hear that the plants I’ve sold to people are doing great, years later,” she said.

Plants are sold in iron-framed glass propagation vases. Otherworldly staghorn ferns, cacti and succulents jut from preserved moss shaped in orbital garden spheres manufactured from an iron foundry in Illinois.

Boo kee sue BOTANICS stocks throw pillows Wright sources from artists in Florida and recycled lobster rope mats from Maine.

“What I love about these pillows the most is that a portion of the sales goes directly back to the artists. I love all things handmade. I like to be surrounded by beautiful things,” she said.

Other merchandise for sale is sourced from around the globe like kantha quilts stitched from saris, salvaged Egyptian tiles and handmade Mexican citronella torches.

Wright crafts selenite plates with sage and crystals used to clean houses of negative energy. She knows which crystals to use to relieve stress and which ones for anxiety. Cards are given with each one during the “crystal craze” that is rising among locals.

As for the shop name, Wright said it’s partly in honor of a friend who first sold her handmade recycled bags.

Boo kee sue BOTANICS is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. The shop is located at the Village Square at the Trading Post, 81858 Overseas Highway in Islamorada. For more information, call 305-853-6564, visit or follow on Instagram under the name.