PLANTATION KEY — In a follow-up inspection, the state Agency for Health Care Administration, which oversees licensed healthcare facilities, found that staff at the Crystal Health & Rehabilitation Center had failed to correct at least one deficiency found last autumn.

The inspection results, posted recently on AHCA’s site, has redacted the dates of the inspection, but has a timestamp of being printed Jan. 6.

“Based on the facility’s plan of correction and supporting documentation, the deficiency was not corrected,” the report says. “All physician orders must be followed as prescribed, and if not followed, the reason must be recorded on the resident’s medical record during that shift. This Status or Rule is not met as evidenced by [redacted]. The plan of correction that was submitted by the facility was unacceptable and the facility is to resubmite [sic] for review/approval.”

AHCA found during an unannounced site visit last October that Crystal Health & Rehab Center had violated rules and laws regarding the health and wellbeing of residents living there, several of which were due to the center’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

That visit may have been prompted by complaints about a lack of adequate care at the center from Stephanie Matlock Fouts, whose mother, Nancy Matlock, suffered severe weight loss and bed sores over a brief span during the COVID-19 lockdown.

AHCA cited the skilled nursing facility for Matlock’s rapidly deteriorated condition after she lost a little more than 40 pounds in about two months.

The Florida Department of Children and Families has also recently issued its findings substantiating Matlock’s near demise.

“The Adult Protective Investigator (API) found the maltreatment of Inadequate Supervision to be verified. … There is enough evidence to support the allegations that the facility failed to take sufficient measures to ensure the VA’s [vulnerable adult] care and protection.”

The investigator found the maltreatment of malnutrition/dehydration to be verified and a preponderance of evidence to support the allegations. A dietician ordered the vulnerable adult to drink a specific milk to prevent weight loss and malnourishment. The facility did not follow the dietician’s recommendations timely to prevent the patient from further health complications, according to the findings.

The facility also did not have a supply of the milk nor did it order the milk in time to prevent further health complications, the investigator found.

Matlock has since relocated to another live-in facility where she is stable.

Crystal Health ownership could not be reached for comment.

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