Ignorance or dishonesty?

The Sept. 30 Free Press reported on a “Hometown!” forum that included questions presented to District 3 County Commission candidates. Mr. Eddie Martinez responded to his opponent’s concern of the rising seas threatening the Florida Keys with “the Upper Keys does not flood, except for one small neighborhood.”

Either Mr. Martinez is completely ignorant of events happening every year in the county he is seeking political office or he is being purposefully dishonest.

Besides the “one small neighborhood” referenced, Shaw Drive, Adams Drive, Spoonbill Lane, parts of Port Largo, Tea Table Relief, marina and residential docks, all are being adversely affected by rising seas.

What is not being adequately addressed, besides the real estate and monetary loss, is that these flooding conditions are a major health issue. For weeks after extreme high tides, respiratory, skin and eye infections and other serious airborne problems are more pronounced due to the rotting organic debris (and pollutants) left behind. Elected officials need to address these real problems, not ignore them.

Larry E. Gabor, Islamorada

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