It is litter

It’s not garbage. It’s not trash.

It’s litter.

If you ever walk, jog or ride a bike along U.S.1 you can’t avoid being exposed to the pieces, and sometimes piles, of litter that the inconsiderate visitors from the mainland jettison from their vehicles as they motor along our beautiful scenic highway.

They defile our magnificent islands, and eventually our waters, with disgusting debris of every description. I often think, “What a crime,” but is it?

In the many places I’ve lived in homes and boats, every state, county or town has displayed signage requesting that people hold their refuse until they can dispose of it (or recycle it) properly.

Frequently these requests would have an accompanying warning of a fine if you were caught littering.

Would it not be possible for us to erect similar signage in an attempt to plead and, if necessary, threaten these masses who despoil our fragile ecosystems on land and sea.

If no such funds are available through our local governments or departments of transportation, I, as a concerned citizen, would be happy to contribute to the cause.

Lets get a grassroots movement started.

Ken Schryver, Rock Harbor