PLANTATION KEY — Sure the Coral Shores High School football team’s offense visited the end zone six times against county rival Marathon, while the defense did not allow any points during a convincing season-opening victory. But that’s just one game, according to Hurricanes coach Alphonso Bryant, adding he believes his team “still has to clean up a lot” if they hope to achieve all their goals in the shortened season.

“We made a lot of unnecessary penalties. We knew they were going to try to get under our skin and we fell into that trap” Bryant said about the most pressing detail for the Hurricanes coming out of the victory. “We have to be better maintained with things like that.”

That’s because two of the Hurricanes’ low-points against the Dolphins came after a pair of the Coral Shores players were ejected from the game — one for targeting a defenseless player and another for taking his helmet off on the field.

“It’s a matter of teaching and them learning not to make those mistakes because they can cost the team,” Bryant said. “Coach [Herbert] James and myself have to get with them and let them understand those things are unacceptable in the program.”

As for on the field, the Hurricanes coach conveyed that during practice they will be focused on the play off their offensive line.

“We are going to be sharpening up on a lot of first steps,” Bryant said. “We looked at the film and a lot of our first steps were wrong, but we were able to recover. We are not always going to be able to do that.”

The coach also stressed that the team will not be able to run for the 250-plus yards on a weekly basis — like they did with 268 in the season opener — if they are not able to control the middle of the line of scrimmage.

“Even though we ran well, I still think we need to attack more,” Bryant said. “I still think we bounced a lot of things outside when we didn’t necessarily have to, so I need them to press the hole a little bit and give it a chance.”

Defensively, the Hurricanes coach credited the play of junior Dominick Monteagudo, who finished with eight tackles, one for a loss, and a sack, while also rushing for 44 yards on three carries on offense.

“He’s our simply everything man. He does it all,” Bryant said.

Bryant will be looking for more of him the rest of the season to help clean up “those little things” and make sure his team stays focused.

Hurricanes quarterback Brian Lesko showed off his arm in the opener by completing six of his nine passes for 150 yards and three touchdowns in the victory, including setting up the first score of the game with a 28-yard connection to Noah Butler. Osvaldo Vega had two carries for 30 yards and a 32-yard touchdown.

Chris Cooper had a 99-yard touchdown run to give the sophomore back 145 yards on the ground with two touchdowns with another 15 receiving.

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