Name: Miguel Avena

Height: 5-foot-11

Weight: 147

GPA: 2.7

Parents: Maria Zambrano

Siblings: Rodrigo, Aneils and Scarlett Avena

Q: What sports to you plan on playing in your senior season?

A: Football, soccer and (maybe) track.

Q: How long have you been playing your sports?

A: I’ve been playing soccer for as long as I can remember. Football, I started five years ago, off and on.

Q: Did you ever play any other sports growing up?

A: No, just mainly soccer.

Q: What was it about soccer that drew your attention?

A: Just watching my brother play. I wanted to be part of whatever he did, so when he started playing soccer I started playing soccer.

Q: Why did you decide to add football in high school?

A: Mostly because of the coaching. They are really good people, and it would make me better for soccer by keeping me fit.

Q: How much training do you do per day or week on a yearly basis?

A: It depends on the sport. For soccer, I go to all the practices and then stay after to do some work. Practices are usually two hours long and then I usually stay for two more hours afterward and that’s every day of the week.

Q: Do you really have downtime away from sports?

A: Yes, we have an offseason, but I have a few friends that I don’t really stop practicing with.

Q: How does your training differ when you are in-season compared to offseason?

A: It’s very different. In the offseason, we focus mostly on conditioning, while in-season we focus on drills and what the coach wants to work on in practice.

Q: Rating the sports you play versus academics, what’s most important in your life?

A: Of course, you have to say academics are more important. You have to take them more seriously.

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