Thanksgiving dinner made healthier and less stressful

Trainer Maciej ‘Magic’ Pawilkowski and his daughter Liliana preparing food together.

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful. I want to have enough for my guests, but I don’t like a lot of unhealthy leftovers that I will invariably eat. Serving healthy dishes is fine, but if they don’t taste good, why bother? Plus, I’m always rushing to put so many things together that it’s hard to enjoy the company. So I consulted with some professional caterers and nutritionists to build this Thanksgiving Checklist.

When you’re putting together the menu, you don’t need to include an endless buffet of options. People like to sample a little of everything. But, the more choices you give them, the more likely they are to overeat. A few top-notch dishes are better than a bunch of mediocre ones.