A federal jury in Key West found Sean Kerwin Bindranauth, 44, guilty of laundering $1 million derived from romance and investment fraud scams targeting elderly victims.

Trial evidence showed the victims of the online romance scam were generally older women who befriended the defendant’s co-conspirators, who posed as men living on oil rigs, serving in wars or otherwise working in remote locations. They convinced the victims to send them money or take part in investment scams.

Once Bindranauth received the money, he would send it from the United States to Nigeria through international money transfer companies and direct bank transfers. Over a dozen seniors and other victims were tricked into sending Bindranauth and his co-conspirators approximately $1 million.

The jury found Bindranauth guilty of conspiring to commit money laundering and six counts of substantive money laundering, as well as conducting an unlicensed money transmitting business.

He will be sentenced on Jan. 10.