A Florida City man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly cashed several blank checks from a 90-year-old man without his consent.

Travarus Tremaine Aldridge, 31, was charged with uttering a forged check, fraudulent use of personal identification and cashing a check with intent to defraud.

Monroe County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested Aldridge on a warrant on Tuesday after investigating the alleged fraud. Deputies brought Aldridge in to be interviewed, where they showed him surveillance footage from the First State Bank of the Florida Keys in Key Largo and Islamorada. Aldridge acknowledged that he was the man pictured in the videos.

Aldridge explained that he previously worked for a pest control company and that the victim, a 90-year-old Key Largo man, was on his route. He said he befriended one of the victim's caregivers who later gave him four blank checks belonging to the victim.

Aldridge stated he used the first two checks to pay his landlord a total of $1,610. He cashed the third check at the bank in Key Largo for the amount of $975.00. Explaining that he was still having financial difficulties, Aldridge said he went to cash the fourth check at the Islamorada bank, but the bank retained the check without cashing it.

Deputies spoke with the victim, who said he did not write any checks to Aldridge, nor did he give him his permission to use them.

Aldridge was booked into the Plantation Key jail, but he was released Thursday after posting his $17,500 bond.

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