The Key West Police Department is looking for six men accused of assaulting and injuring a man so badly early Tuesday morning that he had to be taken to a Miami trauma center.

The man was reportedly stomped and kicked several times by all six suspects as he lay on the ground on Duval Street, according to a Key West police report.

The victim, a Key West resident, was flown by air ambulance to Jackson South Medical Center, where he was intubated on a ventilator and was awaiting a CT scan, according to a police report.

He suffered multiple serious injuries to his head and body, police spokeswoman Alyson Crean said. By Thursday, the victim was taken off taken off the ventilator, but remained hospitalized, Crean said.

Crean did not say Thursday what sparked the argument that led to the man being assaulted by the group.

Officers found the victim “lying on the ground in a pool of blood” in the 200 block of Duval Street shortly before 2 a.m., the police report stated. He was “breathing and semi responsive,” the report stated.

A witness riding his bike on Duval Street noticed the victim in an argument with the six men. The witness told the victim to “let it go and stop arguing,” the police report stated.

The witness kept riding his bike, but turned around after he heard the victim screaming. The witness then saw the six men stomping and kicking the man, he stated.

The witness turned around and rode toward the victim and the group of men fled down Appelrouth Lane, the report stated. The witness was then chased by one of the attackers, whom he described as a heavyset, redheaded man in a red shirt. The witness rode off and lost sight of the six men, he told police.

Police officers canvassed the surrounding neighborhood looking for the suspects, but were unable to locate them, the report stated. Police have been trying to secure camera footage of the incident to help identify and locate the suspects, according to the police report.