The operators of a Stock Island commercial fish house and the owners of the waterfront marina land where the fish house resides have settled a wrongful death dispute and agreed to pay $6 million to the families of two men who were shot there in 2020.

The operators of Fishbusterz fish house and the Bernstein family trust, who owns the docks and marina at an area known as La Curva on Stock Island, agreed to pay a combined $6 million to the families of Jose “Pepe” Clemente, who was shot to death on June 15, 2020, and Iliecer “Amarillo” Noa, who was wounded by a gunshot.

The two were shot by Mayque Marin Gomez and his brother Jose Luis Espinosa Gomez during an argument at the property on June 15, 2020. The two suspects fled to Mexico but were later apprehended. The cases are still pending.

The insurance carriers for Fishbusterz and the Bernstein owners agreed to pay Noa and the family of Clemente as part of a legal settlement. Bernstein’s insurance company agreed to pay $2 million and the insurance company for Fishbusterz has agreed to pay $4 million, said attorney Adam Finkel, an attorney with the Haggard Law Firm, which represented the victims and their families.

Roughly $2.5 million went to Clemente’s family, which included three children, and $3.5 million went to Noa, Finkel said.

Attorneys for Noa and Clemente’s family pursued a lawsuit against Fishbusterz and the Bernstein trust citing what Finkel called a lack of security measures at the property. Finkel argued there has been a history of criminal activity on the property, but still the front gate was open, the fencing was dilapidated, there was insufficient lighting and not enough security cameras on the property, Finkel said.

The confrontation was sparked by a car that was rented to someone on the property, but the vehicle was not returned on time. Finkel contended the victims were not the ones who rented the car but were only on the property at the time the two suspects arrived with guns.

The investigation began when the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office responded to 5515 5th Ave. regarding a shooting. The two suspects arrived on a black scooter to a shack in the lobster and stone crab trap yards where the victims were located, according to witnesses. Witnesses said an argument about a Mercedes vehicle preceded the shooting. One witness said both suspects were armed.