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MIAMI, April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- TransactRx has expanded its medical benefit billing services for its public health department customers to support billing Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Payers for COVID-19 testing and the administration of COVID-19 vaccines.  Additional support for submitting claims for uninsured patients to HRSA has also been added.  The TransactRx web portal provides full support for public health departments to easily enter patient encounter information, submit claims, manage payments, and submit vaccine information to the appropriate state immunization registry.

Public Health Departments are uniquely positioned to immunize underserved populations, including the homeless. Health departments were the first to provide COVID testing and vaccines. TransactRx has been assisting health departments with their billing needs since 2010 and played an integral part in the CDC's Immunization Billables Project.  Prior to this project the majority of health departments were not billing for vaccination services,  despite many of their patients having medical coverage.  TransactRx worked with the CDC and hundreds of health departments assisting them to implement its various billing solutions. 

Health Departments in nearly all fifty states have used TransactRx to expand their billing capabilities to bill vaccines and other medical services, bringing additional revenue to their clinics. TransactRx provides health departments the ability to bill for immunizations covered by Medicare Part D, Medicare Part B, Medicaid, Vaccine for Children and  private pay/commercial insurers.  Other TransactRx billing services support well baby visits, diagnostic testing, mental health and drug/alcohol related services.  

For more information how TransactRx can help your health department bill Medicare, Medicaid HRSA or any other payer for the administration of COVID-19 vaccines please visit our website www.transactrx.com/health-department-vaccine-billing.

About TransactRx – TransactRx is a leading provider of Cross Benefit healthcare solutions.  TransactRx has developed and operates its patented Cross Benefit Clearinghouse platform that enables a broad range of reimbursement solutions across medical and pharmacy benefits. 

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