“Bocce really needs to start the spring season. Can someone, anyone, please give us all an update?”

“I don’t have a problem with people feeding chickens in their own yard, but next time you dump chicken feed in front of my house, I’m gonna dump the ‘leftovers’ in your yard!”

“We are so screwed in Monroe County. We only got 235 vaccines on Friday, yet everyone from South Dade is competing to get those slots. A friend in Kendall booked a slot and is driving to Islamorada on Sunday to be vaccinated.”

“The city manger works for and at the pleasure of the mayor and city commissioners. The mayor has the authority to direct him and others to enforce her mask ordinance. She is still ultimately responsible for it.”

“It is 6 a.m. There are 231 vaccines available in Monroe County. At 6:45 a.m., all booked. Fourth morning trying to get an appointment, when will it happen? There has to be a better way!”

“Please stop complaining about your difficulty getting a vaccine. You get what you vote for. It never concerned you when thousands couldn’t access unemployment or receive federal benefits they were entitled to, but now that it affects you, you sure make a lot of noise!”

“The voters of Key West are interesting. They say they stay home but notice all the trash tourists not wearing masks, complain about leaf blowers, bars, wind chimes, hate cruise ships and tourists in general. How will Key West survive without business? Pull your head out of the sand already”

“Fifty percent of shots are saved for second doses. If 53% have been used, the extra 3% have had their second shots. The rest are pending. Vaccine was manufactured pre-approval; there was a stockpile. Full effectiveness depends on second shots. We need to have them available.”

“Wind chimes are contentious the world over. Many HOAs restrict them (not above the first floor/no metal) or prohibit them entirely outdoors. Particularly true in windy locales. Not many are neutral if they have them or live nearby.”

“It seems all public health experts recommend masks to prevent COVID-19 spread. Why are we listening to politicians, talk show hosts or restauranteurs?

“For the foreseeable future, we can look forward to continued mask use and social distancing. Now we can also add getting up at 6 a.m. each Wednesday and Friday to try and snag a vaccination appointment on the Publix website. My chances of winning Powerball are better.”