“Electric bikes weigh as much as motorcycles, go as fast as motorcycles, have tires as big as motorcycles, have engines and you want to put them on sidewalks with baby strollers simply because they are electric? No way!”

“I’m so sick of hearing about affordable housing. The truth is our tourism industry has grown too large for our available workforce and wages are too low. Stop expecting taxpayers to subsidize your business and house your employees. If you can’t afford to pay enough, move your business elsewhere.”

“I agree about the benches at White Street Pier, terribly uncomfortable. I hope the city puts back some of the nice, comfortable benches like they have in other parks; there’s plenty of room for more benches at the pier.”

“The area between U.S. 1 and the golf course needs some attention (grass cutting, weeding and clearing of brush). A few homeless and I have been trying to keep the rubbish cleaned up so it should be easier to cut the grass.”

“Those $100 airline tickets are not airlines concerned with us enjoying time off the rock but rather enticing more to come to town, increasing our density.”

“A couple thoughts on the cemetery: 1) Create a Save-a-Grave donor recognition wall near the sexton’s building; 2) Where is May Johnson’s grave located and can she be added to the walking tour?”

“So let me get this straight if I’m homeless and have an open container I can be fined or jailed, what if I buy mine from the Southernmost corner kiosk on the street that sells frozen cocktails to tourists, then do I get a pass as well? Don’t want any government hypocrisy.”

“The BOCC did not like the results of their last traffic survey, which essentially gave them a D, so they’re going to start over with a new study, trying to get a new result? Accept the facts, U.S. 1 is a mess.”

“I would love to be able to go on vacation and be able to have access to less expensive airfare. Why should only the mainland people have access to affordable air travel? Also, last time I flew was December 2020 and everyone at the airport was observing mask protocols. Conchs like to leave the rock every now and again.”

“Typical rude person just living your life by using a noisy leaf blower, instead of a rake in your 6-by-10 yards. Park on the street so your neighbors have to park further away and running a loud pool heater 20 hours a day. Just living my selfish life.”

“As long as we who have moved here pay real estate taxes we have a say. You pay my taxes and you can have my say.”

“Please keep the wind chime up for awhile longer. Since the ‘whine’ chime has become the biggest problem this side of global warming, I haven’t had to listen the ‘perpetuals” complain about chickens or leaf blowers or loud buses, or global warming or global cooling, or global change, blah blah blah.”

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