“Why does our small island have such difficulty providing clear vaccine updates? Ok, we’ve registered, now what? How are the snowbird vacation renters being vaccinated before community members? Are IDs not checked? This is taking away from the year-round tax-paying residents who contribute to this community.”

“I have a great neighbor: the smells of their cooking, our cooperative relationship, the occasional sharing of a drink or a meal. Their yard guy uses a gas leaf blower once a week, so I schedule calls or whatever requiring quiet at other times. That’s what cooperative neighbors do.”

“A well-motivated fight against the state over home rule and SB426 will not be successful unless you are one of the lawyers involved. Instead, the city should not allow cruise ships on Mallory Pier or on the Mole. Pier B is too complicated, benefiting only the lawyers.”

“Some cranky people in Old Town who complain about everything, even more since COVID-19 quarantine, are now seeking to ban gas leaf blowers in Old Town. Have some empathy for people trying to make a living. Commissioners, if it isn’t good for your district then don’t impose it on others.”

“Unfortunately, it’s becoming clear we need to better market our city as a One Human Family destination instead of a place to appeals to the racist and homophobic sector of tourists.”

“To the new church with signs and banners stuck all around Key West and Stock Island: You would think that a church would want to be exemplary and follow rules instead of polluting the landscape. Code enforcement, please pick up these signs and banners.”

“Nice new fence installed by the bike rental place on the 400 block of Catherine Street, enclosing what used to be parking. It’s funny how quickly something can go up when you don’t bother with permits or HARC approval.”

“The weekend was disgusting! Nothing but tourists less than six feet apart crammed on Duval Street. Is the city trying to replace us with tourists so they can pay for their pet projects?”

“Obviously, you think tennis players are more special. They are allowed to take up eight times more space than pickleball players.”

“A 1,300-person cruise ship does not have a crew of anywhere near 450. Maybe you should take your own advice and not lecture others when you don’t know what you are talking about.”

“What is going on with all the ‘up north’ license tags in town? They bring that same attitude with them; honking the horn, speeding, poor driving on bikes, cars, mopeds and golf carts. May I ask, if you are keeping that attitude, why did you come here? Spending a lot of money to still be miserable.”

“The city needs to repair and repave the lower end of Whitehead Street prior to the hundreds of large cruise ships returning to Key West later this year.”