“How many Floridians have died or acquired chronic medical conditions because the state did not allocate as much vaccine as particular areas required while providing more vaccine than was fair to other areas of Florida?”

“Do locals need a lawyer to sue Key West for the illegally collected fines disguised as court cost or will the city be returning them voluntarily now that the governor has made clear in his executive order how he and most of us have felt?”

“A 12-year term limit on all Key West public boards are most certainly the right thing to have. It lets and gets both experience and updated views into all aspects of their function.”

“Bravo for schools opening 100% — especially since they are allowing full-on PK-5 and sports. Jeers to the superintendent and school board for picking a fight with the state and worse yet — blaming parents.”

“It makes perfect sense to add affordable housing/development experts to the KWHA board. We shouldn’t limit appointments to the board to ‘keep meetings short.’ Proactive experts with best practical knowledge should serve on the board.”

“It appears as though our elected officials are unwilling to fight for their constituents. But what do we get? Crickets!”

“After this next upcoming surge (see Europe, here we go again), hopefully the pandemic winds down. Then we’ll be run over with tourists looking for a safer alternative to the Caribbean.”

“Length of service on all Key West Boards: one 10-year term: termination by death, resignation, age, or mental/physical incapacity. Successor selected to serve for full term, not just remainder of outgoing member’s term of service. Mandatory termination on Dec. 31, of the year the member became 70, regardless of time served.”

“The fact is we have more than 1,200 rentals in the Lower Keys and Key West. Some rent as low as $50 a month. There is no requirement to keep the area up nor to work/volunteer. We could solve our workforce housing by enforcing those two.”

“Just how high do those disembarkation fees need to go to deter ships from calling here? We have to pay for all those environmental and health consequences, you know. Better start discussing it now.”

“The Monroe County School Board is giving the new superintendent an ‘informal evaluation’ because its been such a hard year. However, all school staff must follow the formal process. Does anyone else see a problem here? Just wow!”

“Thank goodness the governor is ordering five days per week school. If the bars can be packed with tourists, groups can hold events and concerts, masks are not being worn, then kids can go to school, regardless of what our health department and superintendent think.”