“If tourists and locals are forgetting that we are in a pandemic, then it’s the city’s job to make sure they are reminded everywhere. If it upsets their vacation or their football games — too bad. If everyone did their part, we actually could live our lives safely.”

“In my circle we have a ‘don’t go, don’t recommend’ policy for a certain restaurant ownership group in town; it works well. How well you ask? Just ask the cosmetic shops how well it goes when a community turns against you.”

“Businesses that are a public health hazard need to be shut down. The city needs to stop shrugging their shoulders and saying they can’t do anything.”

“If too many people are crowding together on the sidewalks during weekends, wouldn’t it be a good idea to close Duval Street to traffic from one end to the other in order to allow people to spread out?”

“So now we have a restaurant owner determining public health for the city because ‘he doesn’t believe masks work.’ Give me a break! Who cares what he believes? Fine every one of his restaurants every single day and forbid the code magistrate from lowering the fines. Take action already!”

“There are 11 credible scientific studies on mask wearing, including the latest from Denmark. All agree that masks provide no protection against viruses. Even Dr. Fauci, before he got his marching orders, belittled mask wearers and their simple faith in something that’s useless. Why do we have mask mandates?”

“With restaurant and bar employees infected with COVID-19, how is it possible for those places to even open?”

“Glad our plan is to make New Yorkers feel at home by setting standards based on what Bill de Blasio enforced in the place they are fleeing. They will feel at home with that chic, boarded-up store look.”

“After all the negative comments about the tourists I had to go to Duval and check it out myself. Wow! Everyone on the street either had a mask in hand or on, bars same thing. What was horrible was to see what has happened: More stores gone, boarded-up windows, T-shirt shops and CBD outlets is all.”

“The analogy some are using about masks is like a blind person driving a car. They may not have had an accident, but they’re clearly at higher risk and likely caused others to have an accident as they compensated for their inconsideration.”

“A hint to our city commissioners, if you want to reduce COVID-19 infections, you don’t ask bars not to hold a New Year’s Eve drop, you forbid them and attach severe penalties if they ignore the order.”

“Key West isn’t the only problem with handling the COVID-19 spike. We live up the Keys and thought a local ‘fish camp’ with RV rentals was complying with CDC regulations. We have been regulars but after today, we won’t be back! RV folks have returned and social distancing is out the door! Couldn’t wait to get out!”

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