“Why doesn’t TSA at the airport tell us after check-in that the bathrooms downstairs don’t open until 6 a.m. when the restaurant does? Went through TSA at 5:15 a.m., and no bathrooms until 6 a.m.!”

“The people who are throwing the Black Lingerie Matters bike ride should be stopped! It is offensive, disrespectful and just plain wrong!”

“As an educator for 34 years and having worked with exchange students for many years, the last names of the four students who were awarded National Merit Scholarships points out what many of us have recognized for years: Most students growing up as part of many other cultures come from families who value education more than our own students and are expected to excel at school.”

“I don’t think the Chamber of Commerce director understands the meaning of ‘grassroots.’ “

“Please consider printing the names of the guest houses and vacation rentals that are planning underground Fantasy Fest parties. Surely the city commission knows who and where they are. Why should the city taxpayers foot the bill for the extra police and other city services that will be needed to control this event?”

“Just a reminder that there are literally dozens of jobs available right now without a cruise ship in sight. This might be a good time for those of you being asked to work with mask-free co-workers and visitors to look elsewhere for work where your safety comes first.”

“How about an Iguana Derby, just like the lionfish?”

“It’s time to stop this false narrative about people ‘discovering’ Key West on cruise ships. The TDC spends $50 million a year advertising to every corner of the globe.”

“I’m being evicted. Do I call 911 or the non-emergency police number for free moving assistance?”

“How completely naive and ridiculous is it to get out of our cars, put on a mask, walk 10 steps into a restaurant, be seated and then take off the mask? And then an hour or two later, to put the mask back on, only to walk out the door. Why?”

“So it’s 7:45 p.m., totally dark outside and there are 13 young kids running from the canal and down the street. Where are their parents and why are they out so late? And what are they looking to do?”

“Perhaps it’s time to rethink Fantasy Fest and the drab image it places on the island. It is the main event that sends a symbolic message that is enacted out the rest of the year. Do we really want people here acting like deviants all year?”

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