“As a citizen of Key West I am grateful for every day that I spend in this miraculous city.”

“Are we just going to stand by and let this fake Fantasy Fest disaster happen? Ok, we could use the economic boost. But is there a way to get that benefit while keeping people relatively safe?”

“There are 43 new COVID-19 cases in Key West last week, compared to 18 last week and nine three weeks ago. Thank you, Gov. DeSantis.”

“Why is it that our residents feel the need to celebrate every minor life event with fireworks? Aren’t they illegal here? Ridiculous!”

“’Underground’ Fantasy Fest parties are merely private parties held in private places on days when Fantasy Fest would be happening if it hadn’t been cancelled. There’s nothing illegal about them. Could be a birthday party, wedding reception or whatever. No one’s business except the attendees.”

“There is now a curfew of midnight in Miami-Dade County for restaurants and bars. A curfew is needed like that in Key West at least for the ten days during the time when Fantasy Fest was to have taken place when we know the town is going to be loaded with people.”

“I’m sick of political ads. I think I actually miss the car ads.”

“Heavy rain collects in neighborhood basins until it drains through the lowest path to a canal or open water. Fill and build on that lowest path and rain seeks the next lowest path. Develop all low paths and the neighborhood ‘floods.’ Why not put the lowest lot into conservation?”

“Does Hackley ever prepare any of the poor birds he shoots for dinner? May Johnson is quite a flirt. I’m glad she washes her hair every Saturday. I’m losing track of all the men. Whom does she finally marry?”

“You had to go and ask this? ‘Be glad that local shops don’t use rectal thermometers.’ Now half the clubs and bars will switch to that idea in a second! What a pain in the ask you are!”

“Call me old-fashioned, but why must revenue to the city from fewer cruise ships be replaced rather than eliminating the city services no longer needed? Is the city addicted to this revenue?”

“To our community and county leaders: I know that there are no easy answers, but are you going to do something, anything to try to address our rising virus numbers?”

“Like we told you months ago, now the WHO has realized. Lockdowns don’t work! ‘Follow the science.’ ‘Abundance of caution.’ All nonsense. The only thing our dear leaders have accomplished is to make us poor and unhappy.”

“I’ve never seen a community with so much public housing per capita. There are empty apartments all over the city.”

“The city wants us to buy local but the only local places I can buy clothes are either clothing for the retired crowd or tourist T-shirt shops. How about you do more to help people start businesses!”

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