“We went to the Amphitheater Saturday night. The stage lighting was terrible. It looked like lighting the band brought. Isn’t there lighting for the stage?”

“The more we learn about COVID-19, the more masks make sense. You may be carrying COVID-19 with no symptoms, and your mask protects others. No symptoms means no fever. Temperature taking is of minimal utility, plus anyone can take an aspirin to reduce fever. Stop with the dumb stuff.”

“There are plenty of apartments available, but the asking prices are still too high. Landlords certainly don’t have to accept lower rents, but the bank expects their mortgage payment regardless of the occupancy status.”

“We should vote on banning Fantasy Fest. It is a seedy misrepresentation of what this island is about and has no relative correlation to every day events nor the population here. Most locals leave or avoid it at all costs.”

“Just a reminder One Human Family includes respect for others’ property regardless of whether they share your political views or not. I’m sad to see political signs that were proudly displayed on a homeowner’s property have been torn down/destroyed.”

“RFP for the cable huts! Why is the city spending taxpayer money for this fix when they had the opportunity for a restauranteur to do it, but instead canceled the whole project after fighting it for over 10 years? Wow, way backwards!”

“I’ve always wanted to know how the streets in Key West got their names. Can someone share this information with us?”

“Seriously, first you people complained about wearing masks and now you’re complaining about having a temperature check before entering an establishment. How self-absorbed can you possibly be? This pandemic is not a joke and this lack of compassion for others is frightening.”

“Treatment plants pump chlorinated wastewater into the waterways, anyone pretending there is no sea level rise is just as bad as those pretending GMOs don’t have dengue.”

“Why aren’t Key West and Monroe County doing something about the iguanas? They are destroying the island and the Florida Keys.”

“Many of us came here for the ‘live and let live’ spirit of One Human Family that we found visiting Fantasy Fest.”

“COVID-19. Another example of American exceptionalism — exceptionally bad.”

“Regardless of where one stands on the cruise ship referendum there is no denying that some cruise passengers do return. If we hadn’t visited on a cruise, we likely would never have found our adopted home.”

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