“The Tampa Fantasy Fest group is taunting our mayor. The city manager said they have ‘every right’ to come and have their own Fantasy Fest. Our city attorney could tell him that they actually don’t have that right.”

“These blatant violators of our natural resources need to be dealt with; jail time is needed, with habitual offenders losing their access to our waters permanently. Enough is enough, no where else would this rape and pillage continue.”

“Just because you say it louder doesn’t make it any more correct. Saying the same untruth repeatedly doesn’t make it not a lie.”

“ ‘The Streets of Key West: A History Through Street Names’ by J. Wills Burke will give you a great history on how the streets of Key West were named.”

“My wife was a patient at the Lower Keys Medical Center. She received superior help and assistance at every level of her stay. We residents and tourists are indeed fortunate to have a facility of this high quality available to us. Thank you.”

“Sure there won’t be a Fantasy Zone and nudity this year! They didn’t even stop the mostly naked woman in front of City Hall today posing for pictures. She was on top of the tiger posing for quite some time.”

“What’s the latest poop on Admiral’s Cut? What we really need is a daily update published on here, maybe right next to the weather report.”

“One commentary in the Voice recently described Fantasy Fest as projecting a ‘drab’ image for Key West to the rest of the world. But let’s describe it more accurately for what it is — trashy.”

“Our little hospital cannot handle the results of a super-spreader event like what the fake Fantasy Fest might turn out to be. Locals will need to be extra careful. When you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t breathe and the hospital is full, what are you going to do?”

“Half the island gets sick every year after Fantasy Fest. I’m sure we are immune this year.”

“Why was the chairperson of the Tree Commission the only one not wearing a mask at the most recent Tree Commission meeting? I walked into City Hall for the meeting and quickly walked out. This is outrageous. Mask up! You’re making the residents who have a desire to be at these meeting feel unsafe. Not fair.”

“Get your flu shot, avoid COVID-19. If you get the flu you may end up at Urgent Care sitting next to the COVID-19 patient. Or getting flu makes you sick, weakens your immune system and makes you more susceptible to COVID-19. Get your flu shot.”

“Faced with flooded roads, the county should be purchasing the lowest elevation lot in the neighborhood. If not yet developed, this lot should be required to maintain drainage.”

“I cannot believe that you said ‘Black Lingerie Matters’ bike ride should be stopped!’ and that ‘It is offensive, disrespectful and just plain wrong!’ That is sooooo racist? Once again, the ‘One Human Family’ image is shattered.”

“Why doesn’t Key West enforce the open container law? Under Florida Statute § 856.011, it is illegal to drink alcohol or be intoxicated in a public place.”

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