“Cheers to our local election office and to the employee sitting in her little plastic pup tent in the pouring rain, monitoring the drop box. It feels good not worrying about the election process here in Monroe County. Actually, cheers to us all! Respect the process.”

“You don’t like having to wear a mask between the door and your seat in a restaurant? Well, humor us. It’s a small sacrifice.”

“I liked the way Key West was before COVID-19 and I wish things would go back to the way they were, cruise ships and all. What is the big rush to change everything?”

“Please tell me that I didn’t just read in the headlines that ‘local businesses don’t think that the TDC is advertising enough?’ Better shut down all of the ‘Tourists go home we hate you’ comments from the mask patrols all over the Voice and in social media first!”

“I was always taught the United States defeated Japan in World War II. So imagine my surprise when I got my new Key West residential parking permit which features a near exact depiction of the rising sun flag of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Perhaps the sticker designer was thinking of the Animals’ 1960s classic, ‘House of the Rising Sun.’ “

“At the risk of sounding ungrateful, might we possibly be spared the ‘sound of freedom’ wake-up call and all-day droning on Sundays?”

“Key West has two marijuana shops currently, and that is somehow too many? They are dispensing a legal, doctor-prescribed medicine that is tightly regulated. One on Duval, compared to 40-plus bars dispensing alcohol, but the pot shops are excessive?”

“Because it’s perfectly legal to drink from an open container on the streets and ways of Key West, as long as you don’t create a disturbance or are habitually drunk. Live and let live; we are One Human Family.”

“The real truth about the future of cruise ships in Key West is that the times they are a-changing. Better to be ahead of the downward curve than to be stuck in it. Smaller is better and if you let them, they will come. Why is this even a question?”

“Read the COVID-19 article. Please, no more signs! There’s so much visual clutter now with COVID-19 signs, parking signs, crosswalk signs, news boxes with advertising, stickers and so forth. No. More. Signs. Visitors will find the Sunset Celebration as they always have. Ugly isn’t inviting.”

“Temperature taking is not a safety measure — it’s theater. CDC doesn’t recommend. Up to half of people are asymptomatic. Masks are useful. Temperature taking is ineffective and intrusive. Most places realize it. That’s where I’ll eat and shop.”

“We are so tired of your opinions regarding the COVID-19 epidemic. Follow and adhere to the science to keep this in check.”

“Makes sense. The plumes of silt occur when big propellers (sitting close to the channel bottom) are producing thrust to maneuver.”

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