“A very visible key thing that made Key West uniquely interesting to visitors was our quaint airport and boarding aircraft on the tarmac. Visitors loved the island feel of it. This new glass-and-steel structure with jetways turns Key West into Anywhere, USA. Another progressive step in losing our character. A big strategic mistake.”

“With the demise of tourism, we need to reinvent ourselves. Are there any experienced cigar-makers willing to work for 15 cents an hour?”

“Once a month, why not have the multimodal coordinator mark bike tires in all city racks, a month later tag the ones that haven’t moved, mark the all the bikes again and the following month remove the tagged bikes and repeat every month. This gives a person two months’ of storage and the abandoned bike problem goes away.”

“Walking across the airfield is part of the charm of flying to Key West. How many lives a year do we hope to save with jetways?”

“The last time that someone came to the city commission looking to add to our economy, they were proposing making part of Smathers a nude beach.”

“With thousands of hourly workers who have gone to the mainland to find work, we don’t need workforce housing anymore. We need to be finding the next tourism niche.”

“Buckets of money are being spent to feed the kids on our island who are hungry, mortgage and rent for people out of work and mental health services. It is federal money from the CARES Act. If we hadn’t used it, it would’ve gone to other municipalities in our county.”

“Glass jetways; are you nuts? Attractive, maybe, but try boarding an aircraft in July on one of them. Sided ones can’t even be kept cool. Just visit Atlanta. Now you’re adding the radiant heat. Who thinks out the details on these designs. Minnesota, yes; Key West, no.”

“Hey, fellow Voices. Can we all just be a little less negative? Complaining about maskless-ness, trashy tourists, improvements to the airport, yada yada yada. I see people having fun. If you don’t want to see it stay home and sulk.”

“Why does Hackley need a sawed-off shotgun?”

“Historically, TDC advertising has created visitor demand that far exceeds capacity. Post-COVID shutdown, occupancy rates are now beginning to creep back into the 90% range. Despite no cruise ships, sustainable port area businesses are rebounding while lamenting the loss of previous high volume walk-by cruise business.”

“I can’t believe the airport plan is to make the departures area five times larger! What is wrong with you people? This is a small island. Do residents really want to live near a massive airport with a huge increase in flights? Flights go directly over our high school! Crazy!”

“How come my trash cans get to spend more time out on the street I do?”

“Taking away our nostalgic arrival and departure from the tarmac at the Key West airport, one of our key icons here. Such a shame!”

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