“You can complain all you want about the expansion of the departure and arrivals area at the Key West airport. There’s money available and money to be made for the powers-that-be.”

“Whatever Louisiana did to infuriate the hurricane gods, let’s not do it here!”

“Get your flu shot, avoid COVID-19. If you get the flu, you may end up at Urgent Care sitting next to the COVID-19 patient. Or getting flu makes you sick, weakens your immune system and makes you more susceptible to COVID-19. Get your flu shot.”

“Faced with flooded roads, the county should be purchasing the lowest-elevation lot in the neighborhood. If not yet developed, this lot should be required to maintain drainage.”

“Anyone who says we don’t need workforce housing anymore should check rental prices. One-bedroom units are still going for $1,800-2,000 a month, which is in no way workforce-friendly. Every restaurant is short-staffed and it’s because almost everyone is priced out.”

“Arriving in Key West, deplaning and getting herded like cattle by screaming ground crew and police officers is not ‘quaint.’”

“It’s time to bring back the COVID-19 roadblock. Careless Monroe County residents are infecting people in Miami-Dade and beyond.”

“Can’t wait for the new airport! It looks beautiful. It’s about time.”

“A while back I posted that La Brisa was on South Roosevelt Boulevard, but that I could be wrong. Well, I was. Had a good talk with Key West historian Tom Hambright a few days ago. For the Key West history buffs, La Brisa, which May Johnson frequented so many times, was at the south end of Simonton Street on the grounds of the big hotel there.”

“Why isn’t the city doing anything about our entire fleet of electric rental cars being converted to gas? Gas carts are loud, spew fumes and are the opposite of ‘green.’ I’m so sick of the city leaders talking and talking, but never doing anything that would make a difference.”

“As I walk the streets of Key West, I see masks in all the street gutters. Now I start thinking. What if those masks go in the sewer? What if they then go into the ocean and hurt a turtle? We need to ban all masks immediately!”

“Sure do miss the old bar at the airport.”

“Whenever you have to remind people that you’re in a pandemic, you’re not in a pandemic.”

“To the responder to my comment about ‘putting a mask on just to walk into a restaurant,’ you definitely missed my point. My point is this: Why throw a mask on from the car to the front door of the restaurant, only to remove it once inside?”

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