“I also think its quaint to arrive back in Key West, step out of the ‘canned’ air of the plane and feel the warm moist air and trade winds of our tropical paradise. Then walk across the tarmac to a small town terminal, like a warm welcome home. I can’t imagine what you’re doing to be ‘herded like cattle and screamed at.’ Never happened to me.”

“The commissioners loosened the mask rules, are encouraging tourism and mass events but they’re going back to virtual meetings? That’s a cowardly, elitist, hypocritical decision.”

“When are mail-in ballots counted in Key West and when are the final vote tally’s expected to be in?”

“It appears that Mr. Hackley is not enjoying parenthood. Does ‘the babe’ even have a name?”

“Why isn’t the city enforcing our mask ordinance? The rest of the county and many other counties in Florida are fining businesses that do not require masks. Here, many restaurants and bars are openly bragging that their staff doesn’t wear masks. What are we doing?”

“A couple years ago, I started a 27-hour three-leg trip to Asia in a driving rain in Key West. When I walked across the tarmac and got to the plane, I was completely soaked. My trip over there was a nightmare because of the inadequate facilities at our ‘quaint’ airport.”

“Over the years we’ve had plenty of ‘affordable housing,’ some allowed to go market rate after seven years, some 10; most built under the guise as affordable but never have been. It seems most of our problems can be summed up with one word: greed.”

“Will wealthy New Yorkers succeed in relocating their Hamptons from heavily taxed New York to Key West or will we continue to enjoy our tourist economy?”

“So, the CDC has admitted that only 6% of the deaths listed as COVID-19 are actually from COVID-19. Go ahead and look it up. A hoax from the start. Craven politicians have ruined our lives for nothing.”

“If you are tired of everyone pointing out your lies, stop telling lies. You may have people that don’t care about them but those are not the people that count.”

“You’re worried about ‘discarded masks in the gutters’ getting into the sewers, going out to sea and ‘harming the turtles?’ What if those poor turtles don’t have any masks and they catch COVID-19? Don’t you have any feeling for the poor turtles? Wildlife need masks, too, and that includes iguanas. Save the planet!”

“I, too, enjoy the tarmac walk after landing, but after a few thunderstorms that got old. Jetways are a good answer now that there are so many flights. (And maybe more when the cruise ships cut back.)”

“I would rather hear accurate election results the next day (or days later) than the rush to get ‘a declared winner’ on election night.”

“The airport design is ugly. They have enough trouble getting all the planes on the ramp now without jetways. Do you really think you can get three to five jetways on our little airport with too big airplanes? The airplanes are way too big for this airport!”

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