“How about remote-controlled open-able windows in the loading and unloading ramps at the airport, with a flexible climate control system allowing the last gasp or first gasp of salty Key West air?”

“Another trip to Key West and yet another Key West server stealing my credit card information and trying to make a purchase from a European electronics store. I received the fraud alert while at the Key West airport waiting for my flight home. Some things never change.”

“All these slumlords and slum tenants who dump their debris on the sidewalks and parking spots of Key West without pre-arranging for a pickup by Waste Management or the city should be fined $10 per pound, per day. Minimum fine of $250.”

“Cases, cases, cases. Who cares?”

“Open containers and public intoxication is illegal in Florida. Key West doesn’t enforce the Florida law.”

“It is illegal for a public officer to sit on the board of an agency that it does private business with. Why is the county turning a blind eye to that?”

“Tired of COVID scolds. You manage your way; I’ll manage mine. As long as I wear a mask in public, you’re protected. It’s up to me to decide restaurant ‘yes,’ bar ‘no,’ movie ‘maybe.’ If you want to do it differently, then knock your socks off but leave me alone.”

“The Peary Court hedges along White Street are a disgrace. They are so overgrown you cannot walk the sidewalk. They are filled with thorns. And the garbage there is worse. Didn’t the city give them a huge bond loan to buy it? What an eyesore and hazard.”

“The ‘only 6% of deaths are actually from COVID’ factoid is blatantly false. It was made up and you bought it. While you’re telling people to look it up themselves you should take a look as well, because the truth comes up right away.”

“Surely you’ve carried a muzzle-heavy shotgun whose barrel is too long. Maybe they were useful in the olden days when a shotgun might have been used in the hollers for longer shots for, say, turkey or even deer. But for general bird hunting use in the salt marshes of the Keys, we all prefer a lighter, quick-to-the-shoulder gun with a 26-28 inch barrel for those fast, low-flying birds.”

“A sawed-off shotgun barrel creates a wider buckshot pattern, which makes a kill easier and compensates for Hackley being a poor shot.”

“Maybe, if we build the jetways, we can get Southwest Airlines back in this market.”

“One man’s ‘safe’ is another man’s ‘careless.’ I know which of my friends are COVID-19 cautious and which are at the bars. The former can come for dinner. You may think otherwise but it’s my house.”

“I see it every morning: waste management collects regular and ‘recycling’ garbage on Duval street dumping it into the same regular garbage truck. No separation at all. The blue recycling cans mean nothing — we may not have recycling facilities, but this is a farce.”

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