“It’s too bad about the Fisherman’s Hospital insurance situation. I was happy to see that beautiful, fresh new hospital completed but I have since learned that I will not be able to afford to use it if the need arises.”

“Is Perry ever going to dip into that four gallons of whiskey?”

“The control tower at the airport has been down since Irma! Air traffic controllers are across the tarmac in a tiny trailer and can’t see planes coming in and out. How safe is that?”

“Why isn’t Key West or Monroe County stepping up like the City of Marathon has at West Fanny Key for illegal mangrove cutting? The Key West airport has been cutting down mangroves at night and nothing is happening to them.”

“Why does the reporting of the damage done to West Fanny Key keep referring to a ‘backhoe’ being used when the pictures show an excavator?”

“How sad for these pets submitted by their owners with no votes! Not even their owners voted for them?!”

“The only way a cat can win the cute pet contest is if the election is rigged.”

“Men wearing hats indoors! The horror!”

“When will the commissioners hold meetings for the community to discuss cruise ships; we need to identify the issues for and against ships. We can come up with a better solution than Safer, Cleaner Ships. It’s worth trying before we spend millions in litigation.”

“Dear airport noise/traffic complainers: you fools bought an overpriced house on an island where the airport is at most two miles from your house! Get over yourselves. Ever hear of a map? ‘Oh, there is an airport there, maybe I should look into that!’”