“It would be very helpful to publish that there is a gasoline-fueled leaf blower ban in Old Town and that you can report to code enforcement violations 305-809-3740 or code_enforcement@cityofkeywest-fl.gov

“And then there is the ever-popular ‘If you don’t like dog-eared books, go back where you came from.’”

“Over decades the Florida Department of Environmental Protection allows a chemical company to create, then abandon, a toxic waste storage reservoir. Now when the inevitable leak occurs, the state looks to the federal government rather than the stockholders to finance the cleanup. Algae blooms are headed our way!”

“It’s easy to spend money when it’s not yours. Commissioners happily wasted taxpayer dollars on the city manager’s sick day payout. The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority happily blows $50k on a spokesperson. Government employees and politicians have little accountability. A shame and a waste.”

“The contributor who stated that the 1919 Wilfred Kellogg study proved that masks were ineffective failed to note that the masks at that time were gauze — a terrible material for filtering respiratory droplets. So it would appear that we have learned something in the last 100 years. History does not have to repeat itself. Science.”

“Vacation pay serves a practical purpose. It’s to rest, destress from work, enjoy free time, so you can come back to work recharged, ready to go and perform your best at the work place. If you choose not to use your vacation, you should lose it. No money compensation when you leave.”

“Will the city and/or county ever do anything about the fact it’s impossible to make a left hand turn in the city or on U.S. 1 due to the never-ending clown car parade from Miami. Too many tourists! We don’t want them or need them.”

“There’s a word for homeowners who leave town and don’t tie up or take down the wind chimes but it isn’t printable.”

“The current Conch Republic government is looking more like the Vichy Government than the insurrectionary army of the past. They should be manning the barricades against the upstate politicians planning a Key West port takeover before joining together for celebratory cocktails.”

“I find it absolutely absurd that the Boston bomber and death row inmates got their third stimulus before the poorest Social Security recipients.”

“How many marijuana dispensaries is the City of Key West going to allow?”

“Hey, we made the top five! The only warm weather state, too. Nearly half of new coronavirus infections in the U.S. are in just five states. New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey together reported 44%”