"The cruise ship crowd activities amount to a money-access-power matrix, a parallel reality in which access to Florida elected officials and party leaders provides wealthy individuals and corporations, interest groups and lobbyists a chance to advance their biased causes in the guise of official state business."

"Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, California, issued a statement disavowing a study being circulated online that claims face masks are 'worthless' against COVID-19."

"HARC dropping the ball; it seems they do little to protect historic structures anymore. The owners of a house on Windsor Lane removed all of its beautiful, original windows and replaced them with poor ugly copies. HARC has become useless and the character of Old Town is suffering. Stop allowing this to happen."

"Please, let the politics of the cruise ship ban be over. The City Commission can stop cruise ships on Mallory Square and the Mole at one commission meeting. Leave Pier B alone for now and avoid the million dollar lawsuit that we all will pay for."

"Why is a drugstore now pushing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on everyone? It’s not fair. Are they now hoarding all the Pfizer vaccines they probably have? Very upsetting. This is all stressful enough."

"Will the Rotary be having fireworks this year? Please say yes!"

"There is no Stanford study on mask efficacy. Florida‘s recent COVID-19 data on vaccines, new infections and deaths are worse than New York’s. And Mark Zuckerberg’s political donations are not just to Democrats."

"The Confederate flag and Trump bumper stickers are a little confusing when you consider the person lives in publicly subsidized housing."

"If ever there was a time when Florida needs a two party system, it is now. The Governor's power is unchecked by the Legislature, allowing pay-for-play. Meanwhile, the Legislature has gone wild pre-empting local governments and giving more power to one man."

"I rose to honor the flag for the national anthem at my son’s baseball game except there was no flag. Who’s in charge of placing an American flag at every field in Key West? Let’s do better, please."

"Our state government has made it illegal for schools and businesses to ask for proof of a COVID-19 vaccine but they uphold the right of some deranged school administrators to fire teachers who get vaccinated. I do believe that we now look like the dumbest state in the country."

"Cruise ships have illuminated the intersection of politicians, money and big government. If you want bigger government, this is what you get. Remember, politicians are at the bottom of the polls of ethical professionals, so don’t be surprised. We have the best government money can buy."