“Too many flights coming into the Key West airport. Passengers have to wait on the taxiway for over an hour for a gate and inside the terminal is standing room only.”

“The non-vaccinated should really stop seeking medical care and overburdening our doctors, nurses and hospitals. After all, it’s just the flu or completely fake according to them.”

“A lot of sailfish go out the same way as the tarpon and for the same reasons.”

“We can’t fix everything at once so let’s start with the little things like clanging wind chimes keeping someone awake at night.”

“Having read many Voicer comments and just returning from my first post-pandemic experience at the Key West airport, I finally get it. Both departure and arrival were horrific. Welcome to the ‘Key West International Airport Stockyards,’ y’all!”

“During high season, we have to deal with flights leaving at 6:30 a.m. Last night, there was an American flight that landed after 12:30 a.m. Soon we will have flights 24 hours a day.”

“We arrived in Key West 20 years ago as that ‘wretched refuse.’ A few years later we bought a timeshare, then two. Respected the environment, spent time at restaurants and theaters, got to know Conchs: we love it! Aunt Eleanor Walsh owned the Key West Cigar Factory. My genes; not wretched.”

“How about a few shade awnings for the cyclists and pedestrians at intersections with long lights? It’s hot out there!”

“The airport on July 18 was the worst it’s ever been. People waiting to board four planes and people from six delayed flights, all stuck in the departure area. No room to move or sit for hours. One plane had ‘complications finding a place to park.’ This needs to stop.”

“So many derelict tourists causing problems. Why would you punch an Uber driver?”

“For goodness’ sake, I am so sick of these posts referring to an overwhelming vote against cruise ships. Yes, you won. You can stop right there. It was not overwhelming and there are many, like me, who did not vote your way and are tired of you acting like you speak for an overwhelming group of residents. You don’t.”