“On the 3.2 acres, people are confused on two points: First, the Navy stipulated that the land must be used for affordable housing. It can’t be used for anything else. Second, AH Monroe has a very good plan in place that guarantees truly affordable housing for our community. See http://www.housingforallkw.org

“If the city is going to allow electric bikes on the sidewalks it should require that they produce an audible warning when passing a pedestrian and travel no more than 5 mph faster than a pedestrian is walking.”

“Kmart closing is just another sign of our economy moving away from supporting the needs of full-time locals and becoming completely dependent on tourism. It’s a very unhealthy sign when two huge spaces sit vacant on our main shopping boulevard. We are becoming a tourist theme park.”

“Once again COVID is spreading quickly in Monroe County and Key West. Still, there are many people waltzing into grocery stores without a mask. There is a sign on the outside door and the wall inside to wear a mask but just because the employees don’t prevent access does not mean that you should not wear one.”

“‘Exclusively for the purpose of workforce housing’ does not mean ‘for workforce residences.’ The city could lease to Walmart, then contribute rents to a workforce housing fund. Without a committed plan, your ‘Yes’ vote gives the City Commission free rein to develop the waterfront as they choose.”

“Please check your dictionary — we’re seeing much more than an ‘uptick.’”

“To paraphrase a previous posters comments: Do Key West police officers not hear the super-loud modified exhaust systems on motorcycles? To enforce any noise ordinance in Key West would certainly upset the motorcycle crowd — a primary source of Duval revenue.”

“Cyclists in large groups are legally allowed to travel through intersections as a big pack or unit. Do you really think it practical for 30 cyclists to individually stop? Think of how that would disrupt traffic flow. If you’re concerned about safety, stop speeding so much on this little island.”

“A vehicular drunken driving accident and a helmetless bicycle accident are just that: accidents. An individual using drugs could have a drug addiction. A diabetic who eats sugary foods could have a food addiction. Not getting vaccinated for COVID is neither an accident nor an addiction.”

“Becoming noticeably slower this season on days without ships ...”