“Let’s get some of the smaller, cleaner cruise ships scheduled in here. The ones that fit the criteria the voters voted for.”

“Great pic by Rob O’Neal in Friday’s Citizen. I guess the governor’s “Click it or Ticket” campaign only applies to some people. That woman could have easily fallen out of the vehicle. I wish the Key West police would apply the law equitably.”

“Another new issue for Voicers! What does age have to do with the ability to ride a bike? The entitled, narrow-minded drivers need to take a deep breath and respect others’ healthier choices.”

“A representative government, in addition to implementing the goals of the majority, is also responsible for protecting the minority. The cruise ship referendums passed by 2,765 and 3,443 votes respectively in a community of 25,000. Considering the misinformation, and the livelihoods of the workers, it’s not a mandate.”

“Now that taxpayer money has been spent to spruce up the sides of the road coming into and out of Key West, who is responsible to repair the destruction done by the mobile home on two trailers that were left by the bayside of the road by Cross and U.S. 1? The ruts in the grass caused by the tires must be close to one foot deep.”

“In Key West, the multitude of tourist bicyclists, scooter and golf cart drivers and pedestrians all have their heads and minds in the clouds and not on the roads. Be kind and be watchful for them.”

“Wind chimes? How about the ginormous new tiki hut on the boulevard with its 7 a.m. air compressors, air hammer tools, banging, etc. Why did the city allow that? Put some walls up and take responsibility for your noise.”

“I hope Norwegian Cruise Lines wins their lawsuit. I’d like to go on a cruise knowing the other passengers are also vaccinated, not getting on tight quarters with some small-minded anti-vaxxers”

“Until some satisfactory legal action is in place to deter cruise ship arrivals at Pier B, the disembarkation fees should be raised to a level that will discourage such arrivals. Let them pay for the damage they are causing.”

“One local resident at the cruise ship meeting stated that he had paid his 13 employees almost $100,000 in a year for tours to mostly cruise ship passengers. That’s less than $8,000 per employee per year. No wonder we have so many who can’t afford rent.”