“So happy to see my tax dollars spent on beautifully-planted boulevards and roads leading into Key West. It looks so amazing; I thank whose idea it was!”

“Google ‘largest mass hanging in U.S. history.’ Interesting story that you probably never learned in school.”

“The BOCC has budgeted $5 million to build a new Senior Center? Why? The county can rent space at Poinciana at a reasonable yearly rent for Bingo, lectures, bridge games and other senior events. Save the $5 million!”

“Would everyone use courtesy and remember to use your turn signals, please! There’s a lot of traffic here and everybody needs to help make it move smoothly.”

“Border Security, we have our own fight here in the Keys. Keep our deputies here!”

“We were having lunch Saturday at a local restaurant. There was a man and two women sitting next to us. ‘Why don’t I go back to work?’ ‘Are you crazy?’ My food stamps just got raised to $1,000 a month and my unemployment is $3,000.”

“Funny, it looks like many places are under-staffed and can’t get products or inventory, gas is over $3 a gallon, inflation is on the verge of being out-of-control, etc.”

“Understaffed, over- crowded and unpleasant. Welcome to the new Key West airport.”

“Notwithstanding the patent reluctance to contribute to Republican candidates, the outrageous question remains: Is it fair to punish candidates because their party as an institution sought and seeks to undermine democracy, or just stop contributing to those who voted not to accept Arizona and Pennsylvania certified election results?”

“‘Becoming Great Again.’ It’s all in the eyes of the beholder and your rose-colored sunglasses. Yours must have extra tint. Pull your head out of the sand. It’s an unmitigated disaster on many fronts.”

“First, cruise ships brought COVID. Nope. Then cruise ships polluted our waters. Nah. Next, they killed corals. The piers are encrusted with healthy corals, some on the threatened list. Now cruise ships only kill staghorn coral. What’s next? Stop misleading people!”