"With the price of gasoline skyrocketing, can the police shut off their cruisers when the cars are parked?"

"So happy to read others have experienced our poopy water and beaches. Twenty-five years ago I got staph swimming down here. Not enough money to get me in there now! I agree, tourists should be warned!"

"It's Tarpon Tuesday at the SCS Cafe! Special of the day is the Cap'n own Tarpon Tartar, with a side of whine. Guaranteed to be 17% 'Silver King'. Wanna talk about animal abuse?"

"Video game violence is emerging in real life."

"Who do I call? I’m ready to call Ghostbusters because no one takes responsibility for the bikes and wagon, chained to two light poles between Doubletree and Seaside. They’ve been there at least two months. I’ve called Keys Energy, Sheriff’s Dept., KWPD, City of Key West. They all say, 'Not us.' Keys Energy even said they’re not responsible for light poles. Please someone, take responsibility and clean up S. Roosevelt."

"US 1 is not safe as long as the trash is drunk or high driving on it!"

"Maybe city of Key West could work on fixing the mess of housing and the abundance of homeless including violent ex-cons and sex offenders that SHAL brought to our city with their policies."

"Who cares where ship passengers eat? Stop trying to validate your lame thoughts. I’m an Uber driver and there is hardly a day that goes by when I say to riders, 'Is this your first time in Key West?' They often say, 'We were here on a cruise and knew we wanted to come back.' They’re here…staying in hotels, eating in restaurants, shopping, going on water excursions. Give it up. That statement is as lame as you are."

"All of this hoopla about guns: educate yourself, folks. Guns have been around forever and magazines have been around since the 1860's. Since we have had guns for so long with magazines they must not be the problem that we have developed in the last 20-25 years, what else has changed in our society? That lies our problem that needs to be solve. Not the weapon."